Covid-19 Information

Currently, there are NO active Covid- 19 cases at Magnolia School

Two cases of Covid-19 have been reportered to the school.  
There has been zero commnity spread form either case.

At this time (9/28/21), Travis County is in Stage 5 of the COVID guidelines. While recommendations from APH and other organizations is to minimize contact outside of the home, we know this is not possible for most families. We are not currently offering a virtual program due to staffing and enrollment constraints but recognize this may change over the course of the year.


Health Screenings

Please do a health screening with your child before bringing them to school each morning. This may include checking for any signs of illness or discomfort. If at any point during the day a stakeholder begins exhibiting any signs of COVID 19, the health screenings will be re-administered and appropriate persons will be notified of the results. At this time, COVID recommendations are changing week by week. We will continue to use information from the CDC, AAP and Austin Public Health to make the best decisions for our school. We appreciate input and feedback at anytime.

Use of Masks

At this time we are asking all families to send their child(ren) in a mask if they are able to do so. All staff will be wearing masks regardless of vaccination status per the APH and CDC guidelines. All families will be asked to fill in a form stating their mask preferences so that we have the information on file. Masks are made available for all staff and students to use at anytime throughout the day.

Any visitors coming into the building are required to complete a health screening and use a mask for the duration of their visit regardless of vaccination status.

Cleaning and Sanitation

The building will be professionally cleaned every evening after school. This will include sanitizing high touch areas, wiping down all public spaces, sweeping and mopping floors and any general cleaning that is required. We will also be wiping down all high touch surfaces at least 3 times per day.

Twice per month, we have the building fogged with an antimicrobial solution. This is done over the weekend and then is tested for effectiveness.

COVID Exposure & Diagnosis

We will continue to follow the CDC and TEA guidelines for COVID protocols. All information in this document is accurate as of August 2021.

In the instance that a person on campus tests positive for COVID, a risk assessment will be completed to determine next steps for all close contacts. Currently close contacts are defined as being within 3-6 feet of the positive person for more than 15 minutes within a 24 hours period. If the person testing positive AND the close contacts in question were both wearing masks, this is NOT considered a close contact.

At this time, vaccinated stakeholders do not need to quarantine if they are not exhibiting symptoms. It is recommended that vaccinated stakeholders complete a COVID test 5-7 days after the last date of exposure. People who are not vaccinated will need to quarantine for 14 days from the last date of exposure. On day 5 you may take a COVID test and if it is negative, you may stop quarantining on day 7 if you were wearing a mask at the time of exposure.

For students who are diagnosed or exposed to COVID and who are not vaccinated we will require a minimum of a 7 day quarantine and negative test result before returning to school. Depending on the level of exposure and number of people affected the quarantine period may be extended for up to 14 days. A risk assessment will be completed for each case of COVID reported and a plan to return to school will be shared with all necessary parties. Exposures or diagnoses of COVID which happen outside of the school will require a doctor’s note clearing the student to return.

In the instance of a large group of students requiring quarantine we will consider moving school online for the duration of the quarantine. For individual or small groups of students required to quarantine, we will offer assignment pick up and instructions to complete work at home. The risk assessment and plan of action will determine how we move forward. This plan of action will be shared with all necessary parties as soon as it is available via email.

At this time COVID-19 continues to be a prevalent illness within our local community. Families who have chosen to send their children to in-person learning should be aware of the risks associated with their children being around other people outside of their immediate family. The Magnolia School is taking all recommended precautions in order to keep COVID out of our school and there are factors outside of our control that may result in primary or secondary exposure to COVID. There is also a possibility that someone who is asymptomatic will be in the school building.