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As an independent, private school the parents of our students play a large role in the education process. Supply list, forms, and activity calendars are here for you. Please sign up for the newsletter to receive timely updates on our activities and our students.

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Communication is a key factor in the success of your child's education, so every month we send out our newsletter with details and information parent's need to stay connected.

In addition to important information from us to parents, it is an opportunity for parents to communicate to us. We send out our quarterly Parent Survey to get feedback on how we are doing as a school.

School Activity Calendar

Take a look at the school year ahead. Please note the days we are closed or have an activity planned. Check out the Google Calendar here and add it to your own profile.

2018 Enrollment Fee

Beginning with the 2018 Fall semester, we are no longer requiring parents to purchase a list of specific school supplies. Instead, we are making it very simple by just creating a flat $150 Enrollment Fee so you don't have to spend your time hunting down pencils and notebooks.