What are your hours?

We’re open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., with instruction periods running throughout the day. Our core school day is from 9:15-3:40 and we encourage children to be here during those times, but pick up and drop off times are otherwise flexible without additional fees. So yes—we have free before school care and free after school care—but it’s a lot more than that. Unlike traditional before-and-after care programs, we have thoughtful, planned curricula that take full advantage of the hours your kids are at school. (And yes—we’ll still have plenty of time for fun.)

How does scheduling work?

We accommodate busy families with variable schedules. For our part-time preschoolers, parents may purchase blocks of hours and use them to reflect their family’s schedules from week to week. As an example, your child may attend school for three days at five hours a day one week, and the next week, attend all five days for three hours each day.

The Magnolia School is open year round. Learn more about our summer camp.

What grade levels are represented at the Magnolia School?

Rather than group children by grade level, we group them by academic ability, which is often within two years of their age. For example, a child may be in two different groups for reading and math depending on his or her aptitude in each subject. Our curricula is designed for children ages three to ten, but year by year, we are growing to accommodate children up to age thirteen. We currently have curriculum for students from Pre-K through sixth grade.

How often are the school directors in the classroom?

Quite often, actually! You’re more likely to find Glenn, Meghan, and Ellen actively involved in the classroom and working with your children than behind a desk.

Does the Magnolia School have a particular faith affiliation?

No. We are a non-religious private school and we welcome children of all faiths and backgrounds.

What kind of school are you? Are you a Montessori school? Are you a school for children with special needs?

We’re our own kind of school. While our teaching and evaluation methods are research-based, the Magnolia School as a whole does not subscribe to one particular methodology. What we believe in most is enabling and supporting kids to learn at their own pace. There are indeed some similarities between us, but we are not a Montessori school.

Since we are assessing students upon enrollment, placing them into homogenous groups and re-assessing regularly, we are able to teach children of differing abilities alongside one another effectively.  A great example of this is a student who has not learned to be a proficient reader, but is on grade level in all other subjects.  We are able to provide remediation and catch-up for reading while keeping them on track in the other curriculum areas.

Are meals served at school?

Parents are responsible for providing lunches each day, and children should eat breakfast prior to arriving in the morning. We keep lunches in the refrigerator and are happy to microwave your child’s meal. We also provide healthy snacks each day, including a fruit or vegetable, crackers, and a drink. Milk and water are provided during snack and lunch time, and water is available throughout the day.

Does the Magnolia School teach foreign language?

Not formally. Effectively teaching a foreign language demands time that we simply don’t have However, our bilingual teachers often incorporate their second language throughout the day, so don’t be surprised when your four year-old says, “Mas agua, por favor,” or your ten year-old greets you in the morning with a very sweet, “Buenos días!”