DSC09855_revDesigned for children ages five to and growing year by year to age thirteen, our school program’s curricula augments and supports traditional academics with “learning to learn,” citizenship, and social skill components. We also take our students’ individual interests seriously and integrate them whenever possible.

Like our preschool program, our school program continues to combine a variety of activities, but with even more focus on building self-discipline and a strong academic foundation. While we don’t assign homework to our students, independent study and project-based learning is a core part of our school program to encourage students to apply their knowledge to real world events. Students leave well-prepared to work in groups and autonomously as they continue their education.

Our school program gives regular attention to reading, language arts, math, and writing, while also incorporating content subjects such as music and drama, science, social studies, history, and geography. We enable students to learn in ways that are most effective for them and support them as they move through subjects at their own pace. For example, if your child reads and learns math at different levels of proficiency (which, by the way is very common), our teachers will work with your child to progress in both areas accordingly. Children spend time with peers in their age group for homeroom and recess, but are grouped by aptitude and dynamic (usually within two years of their age) for academic activities. The student-teacher ratio will vary depending on the proficiency level and nature of independent study. For example, students writing essays will need a different student-teacher ratio than students learning to read for the first time.

Our mission for our school age students is to leave them not only ready, but eager, for the next step in their education and with a strong sense of social and intellectual confidence.

We offer flexible drop off and pick up times and our school is open year round. See our FAQ page for more information on our schedule.

Our Approach

As is the case with our preschool students, we teach and assess our school age students individually—not by age, grade, or standardized test scores. We aim to cultivate a life-long love and relationship with learning in our students, but we ultimately believe (and put into practice) that learning is the responsibility of the teacher.

We are diligent about collecting, seeking out, and interpreting data that informs the way we educate: when data shows us that a student isn’t internalizing a skill, we change the way we teach. At the same time, mastery of a skill tells us that the student is ready to be further challenged. We’ve had great success with both “gifted” students and those who learn more slowly, yet our school program isn’t specifically for either. We use the same curricula for all students; what varies is the execution.

Rather than pull our methods from teaching philosophies, we utilize published research, science, experience, and data, the latter of which comes from both other educators and our own curriculum assessments. On a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, we track (and graph) students’ learning. Everything we teach is observable and quantifiable.

As part of a constant effort to improve ourselves as educators, our staff attends teaching conferences every year. We also have close relationships with other outside institutions and universities—including some in the UK—with whom we share inspiration and exchange insight.

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