About Us

Magnolia SchoolWith a vision for an alternative approach to teaching that truly (not superficially, not just on paper) embraced each child’s pace of learning and went beyond popular (yet often ineffective) methods of education, we opened the Magnolia School in October of 2012. We didn’t see for our school a single, familiar, programmatic “type,” either. It seemed too small, too limiting, and too narrow. Instead, we wanted a school that would borrow from the best data-driven, research-based methodologies, and balance our academic model with an environment where kids could (and would) go outside and get dirty. We wanted to create a private school, yes, but one where four year-olds didn’t have to act like adults. Where social, emotional, and academic growth was profound, measurable, and observable. Where kids treated one another with genuine love and respect. Where teachers didn’t leave in search of something better, and where all staff constantly sought to evolve and improve themselves and their approach to education. We wanted to create a school that kids were excited for each morning, and where parents were proud and comforted to send their kids.

Years later, the Magnolia School is just what we had envisioned. We’re a school that not only teaches kids how to learn and leaves them well-prepared for the next step in their education–with the appetite for their own academic growth–but also poised to navigate the social world with honesty, confidence, and a strong sense of self.

We aren’t like other schools in Lakeway, Austin, or even Travis County. We’re the Magnolia School. We’d love to tell you more about ourselves, our inspiration, and our methodology.